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Middle East Bound! (?)

Middle East Bound! (?)

Uncertainty is natural. It's something that occurs in everyone's life. One day you're 100% certain of something and then in the next moment..it's as if you know nothing at all. I feel like, as a self-proclaimed control freak, that this is something that occurs to shake us up and to make me have heart palpitations. I like to prepare. I am a self-starter. I do not procrastinate. These are traits about myself that I really admire. However, I am also a control freak Have I said that? CONTROL. FREAK. If something goes awry, I will usually obsess about it until I can fix it or until I eventually MAKE it get fixed somehow or until circumstances beat me into submission. 

Now, this was sort of the case with our adventure into Qatar. I was reassigned at the last minute after all of my preparing. However, I wanted to go through a different way of thinking so I invited the word "acceptance" into my vocabulary. It's new. I'm still learning how to use it. After much freaking out and much bemoaning my loss of a great teaching position, I finally started to think about what else could be out there. I started to ACCEPT that maybe I wasn't in control after all. 

Shocker, right?

So, after emailing a thousand people every second of the day, I continued to freak out but also experience these emotions simultaneously and this is how it panned out:  

1.) Freak out, freak out, freak out.

2.) Experiencing some semblance of acceptance 

3.) Email everyone

4.) Freak out

5.) Accept it

6.) Get new assignment to Dubai

7.) Accept it

8.) Freak out

9.) Accept it

10.) Get my original offer re-assigned back to me from Qatar

11.) PANIC 

Yup. You read that correctly. I was reassigned to my original position with my original school. If the universe isn't laughing now, I don't think it ever will. Lesson learned, Universe. Lesson learned. 

Am I excited? YES

Am I happy about it? YES

Am I totally nervous and scared? YES


So with all of this mental preparation going on I should probably also start participating in physical preparation as we're leaving THURSDAY. As in two days from now. 

Wait! I have to drink my weight in some Georgia sweet tea! 

So, while I'm going to go freak out and cry into a suitcase, here are photos of our new apartment in Doha: 

Fancy Smancy

Fancy Smancy

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