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When it rains!

Alright, so. You know how you spend months and months planning on doing something and then the very last second it changes? Yes? Well, then we're in the same boat. After months and months of planning (mentally, physically, emotionally,financially) to leave for Qatar yesterday, I was reassigned at the very last second. Now, you would expect me to be quite upset about it. I can tell you that I was shocked and for a swift moment, terrified. A litany of emotions ran through my head in about half a second. I finally settled on being positive about it. I trust the company I work for. I trust the process. Also, this is just something that happens when attempting to work/live/travel abroad. Things happen and we can't look at everything through our American lenses. If we did that than we would constantly be saying "but this is how it should be done" or "that's not how we do it in America" and frankly that is a mindset that can make you very aggravated very quickly. 

When traveling abroad I have to throw my expectations out the window and live in the moment. Perhaps that is why I love traveling so much. It basically forces you to be present. Now, don't get me wrong...I've been obsessing over preparing for this move like nobody's business but even with all of my preparing I couldn't have prepared for this. And you know what? That's okay. I just have to roll with the punches and trust that I'll be placed in a new school in a timely manner. I was told that I'll most likely be placed in Abu Dhabi. What?? Is this a dream? Awesome. 

Here the bright side: I had originally planned on working in the United Arab Emirates to begin with. I'm excited to live either there or in Dubai. I mean, c'mon. Have you seen Sex in the City 2?? It's a beautiful country! (please sense the sarcasm in my reference and look up something National Geographic related instead. Please). 

But for real, it's a gorgeous country. Not that Qatar wasn't but the UAE is a bit more liberal and I can imagine that would make this American's transition just a tiny bit easier. It's also a country that is more established and has less dusty construction zones as Qatar has. Qatar is a young, up and coming pre-Dubai-ish type of place. It has tons of potential but it's still in the process of getting a lot of it's construction up and going. 

Now that I'm waiting for my assignment (omg, please tell me tomorrow!) I'm laying low at my mom's house. "What a strange thing to do," you're probably thinking. Well, let me tell you. I am not one who deals well with transition (I know, right? I'm moving halfway across the world. HAHA. The irony is not lost on me). It took a great deal for me to say goodbye to my stepson, my Ammerman family, my Halcomb and Cleveland family, my friends, last eats at my favorite restaurants in my small town and last hangouts at the Waffle House with my freaking awesome family that I've gotten very, very used to living with. I had mentally and emotionally dragged myself through all of that to be told that I wasn't, in fact, going to be flying away in 12 hours. It was um....kind of emotionally exhausting. SO, in order to save myself from more emotionally difficult goodbyes, I am just laying low. I'm reading a lot, packing a lot, living a, frankly, kind of boring stay-at-home sort of life at the moment. I have to keep telling myself that just because I'm at home watching Property Brothers all day while everyone else I know is at work does not make me an unemployed homebody. I'm just waiting! WAITING! 

Oh Property Brothers....

By the way, when you look up "Property Brothers" on Google the first thing that comes up is "property brothers single" and secondly, "property brothers shirtless". Uh, internet? Do not disgrace the real estate innocence of the Property Brothers, internet. 

Also, for those of you who do not know: the UAE is basically Qatar's neighbor so we'll generally be in the same-ish area. 

So perhaps we'll know where we'll be going soon. SOOOOON!! 

This limbo is weird. 

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Middle East Bound! (?)

Middle East Bound! (?)